Drumstick Corsage: KFC’s Prom-Worthy Offering

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What’s stylish, romantic, floral, and finger-lickin’ good? It’s the Chicken Corsage from KFC, and it’s the real deal.

KFC went up in arms—or rather, drumsticks—with Louisville-based florist Nanz & Kraft to come up with a killer accessory for prom season. The two Kentucky companies’ limited-edition corsage kit costs $20 and comes with a KFC gift card worth $5 that can be used to redeem the drumstick. The kit can be ordered online.

The card can be used to pick out the drumstick, and buyers can have a choice of Original Recipe, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, or Extra Crispy. The drumstick will then rest on the corsage’s bed of fresh baby’s breath flowers (silk ones for-out-of-town orders) and held in place by a lace ribbon.

How To Use The KFC Drumstick Corsage

The ad for the chicken corsage shows a young man in a suit and tie nervously waiting outside the house of his date. In his hands is a cardboard box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it. Soon enough his date’s father opens the door and lets him in.

The next scene shows the boy sitting between his date’s parents on a black sofa. He stares straight ahead as Dad stares at him. At the sound of footsteps he and his date’s mother turn to look at the stairs, and we can see the young man’s date descending in a long white dress.

The young man stands up, cardboard box in hand. His date approaches him and pins a corsage to his jacket. He looks at her for a moment then at his box, while she smiles in anticipation. He opens the box and she simply stares. He pulls out the corsage, saying “It’s Original Recipe…I know how much you like Original Recipe.”

The girl says nothing, giving a small shrug of “okay” and she lets him tie the corsage around her left wrist. She looks at her parents. He mother looks as surprised as she is while her dad looks on with approval. She brings the corsage to her nose and says, “That smells wonderful.”

The young man smiles and nods in relief and off they go to the prom. They dance, and as he leans over for a kiss, she also leans over…for a big bite.

Here's the ad

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