Drive-Thru Skeleton Prank Scares Workers [VIDEO]

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With October finally rolling in, Halloween is just around the corner. While this means fall festivals and decorating one's yard for some, one Internet prankster decided to get ready for Halloween by scaring the crap out of fast food workers.

Internet magician/prankster Magic of Rahat has posted dozens of prank videos to YouTube. Some of his past pranks include having a headless man pull up to the drive-thru window, having his wallet catch on fire when he goes to pay for food and breaking his arm at Wal-Mart.

In Rahat's most recent prank video, he has a skeleton pull up to a drive-thru window to pick up a fast food order. Rahat is behind the seat operating the vehicle, not that the fast food workers have any idea of that based on their reactions. One worker was too scared to even open the drive-thru window after seeing the skeleton pull up and said, "Oh my god, I wanna start crying."

Watch the entire skeleton prank video below--if you're a fan of Rahat's pranks, it does not disappoint.

The drive-thru skeleton prank video has gotten more than 3 million hits since it was uploaded on October 1. While a few people have made negative comments about Rahat choosing minimum wage workers to scare, most people found the video hilarious.

If you liked the drive-thru skeleton prank video, check out some of Rahat's other videos that are very appropriate with Halloween coming up.

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