Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson Switch Jobs for April Fools'


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Longtime pals Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson plan to play the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank by switching places.

Ferguson will host The Price is Right on April 1 (11:00 AM-12:00 Noon, ET), and Carey will host The Late Late Show on April 1 (12:37-1:37 AM ET). Ferguson and Carey spent nearly a decade working together on The Drew Carey Show, which aired from 1995-2004. Both of their shows airing on CBS, and having offices and studios next to each other, helps keep their friendship strong.

On The Late Late Show’s March 17 episode, Ferguson and Carey announced their plans to switch their hosting gigs. “Hey, Craig Ferguson and I, for April Fools’, are switching jobs. He’s going to host The Price is Right and I’m gonna host The Late Late Show,” revealed Carey. “Now this is for April Fools,’ so don’t tell anyone!” Ferguson added.

During Carey’s Late Late Show hosting stint, he’ll interview comedian Carl Reiner, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Connie Schultz, and rocker Joan Jett, who will perform her single "Any Weather” with The Blackhearts. Carey's Price is Right announcer George Gray will join him on The Late Late Show, and  The Price is Right models Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, and Manuela Arbeláez will also be included in the switch. Besides his Price is Right gig, Carey currently competes on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Ferguson will be in the company of great The Price is Right hosts, some of them include Bob Barker, Tom Kennedy, Carey, and Dennis James. Ferguson plans to bring his robot skeleton sidekick, Geoff Peterson, and his pantomime horse Secretariat, who will both act as models for The Price is Right. Ferguson’s Late Late Show announcer Shadoe Stevens will also be joining him.

Ferguson already taped his soon-to-air episode of The Price is Right. Last year for April Fools', Carey and Gray switched places with the models.

Image via Youtube