Drew Barrymore Gives Daughter 'The Radest Most Hilarious Tiger Cake On The Planet' For Her Third Birthday

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When you come from a family of actors and started acting before you turned one, it feels like you’ve been in the industry forever.

But Drew Barrymore has been proving that there’s more to her life than just screaming and crying on camera. She is enjoying her time with her husband and two kids, and has not appeared on the big screen for quite some time.

Recently, Drew proudly shared her daughter’s birthday cake on Instagram.

According to Drew, her daughter, Olive, wanted a tiger cake for her third birthday celebration, but the cake turned out to be “the radest and most hilarious tiger cake on the planet.” Instead of putting a colorful tiger plush or a cute tiger fondant on the cake, Drew printed a photo of a real tiger from Instagram and put it on top of a sheet cake, accompanying it with her wishes for Olive.

"Happy birthday to one of my two daughters, who are simply put, my whole universe," Drew captioned the photo of the cake she shared.

Drew also added to the caption, "There is no end to my love for them. Three years old. Best three years of my life. #birthdaygirl #tigercake #crazybirthdaycakes."

Drew Barrymore is currently married to actor Will Kopelman and they have a one-year old baby, named Frankie.

“I love movies but the hours right now for where my kids are in their life, it's few and far between that I'll work,” Drew said.

Aside from being a cool mom, Drew is also busy with her beauty and make-up business, Flower, and reportedly launching a branded Barrymore wine.

“Flower has changed my life because it lets me be a mom the way I want to be and I still get to do something meaningful and think about girls and women and empowering messages,” Drew told E! Online.

With her current priorities, seems like Drew Barrymore isn’t returning to the limelight anytime soon.

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