Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler Sing Duet on 'Tonight Show'

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Longtime friends and on-screen partners, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, were guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night to endorse their upcoming movie Blended, which is set in South Africa. The two play single parents who end up going on a vacation together in Africa.

Barrymore and Sandler first worked together in the 1998 romantic comedy film The Wedding Singer, and then again in 50 First Dates, which came out in 2004. In both movies, the on-screen couple had undeniable chemistry that was effortless. The pregnant actress said that they get to fall in love with each other every 10 years, and Sandler agreed by saying that they have a lot of fun together.

Fallon then asked the two to express their feelings by doing a duet. Barrymore and Sandler obliged to the audience’s delight, and Fallon provided accompaniment with his guitar.

In the song, Sandler asked Barrymore if he is her best movie husband. Barrymore responded by singing “Of course you are, Adam.” He then asked if he was better than Hugh Grant, Barrymore’s co-star in Music and Lyrics, and Ben Stiller her co-star in Duplex. Barrymore answered the he was much better than them.

The last question Sandler asked was if he is better than Fallon, Barrymore’s co-star in Fever Pitch. The actress responded by singing that they have both have great qualities.

Sandler ended their duet by singing a few lines from Grow Old with You, a song featured in “The Wedding Singer.” Barrymore was moved to tears and the two hugged each other.

Barrymore shared a photo on her Instagram account with Fallon and Sandler. The caption read “Two of my favorite men on this earth!!!!! @jimmyfallon and adam my love! #bestnightever.”

Barrymore and Sandler’s romantic comedy film Blended hits theaters on May 23.

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