Draw Something Bests Words With Friends As Most Popular Social Game

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Zynga has been the top dog in the gaming app arena for a few years now. Everybody wants to be the next big thing and beat out Zynga in the social space. A new challenger has appeared and is so far winning.

That challenger is Draw Something, the Pictionary-like social game that challenges players to, well, draw something and have their friends guess what it is. TechCruch reported that the game jumped ahead of Words with Friends as the game with the most daily active users.

I went to investigate over at AppData which collects this sort of information and found Draw Something to still be dominating with over 10 million DAU. The next most popular game is still Words with Friends which has a little 8.5 million DAU.

If you still need convincing that Draw Something is huge, check out our previous coverage that found the game to be earning six figures a day.

I think it's important to look at this with a little more perspective, however, as Zynga still has five games in the top 10 apps in terms of DAU. This puts Zynga games as having over 44 million DAU and that's only their games in the top 10.

It's also worth nothing that the number of monthly active users paints a different story with Zynga still on top. Granted, Draw Something is still relatively new and not as established so it might reach the top of MAU soon as well.

Even so, Draw Something becoming the top game app is still something to be proud of. The team at OMGPOP have achieved something that other developers only dream of. It also gives us insight into what kind of games people are choosing to play every day.

For my own two cents, Draw Something is the only mobile game I play. I keep on talking about me being part of the old guard and a champion of traditional gaming, but it all comes down to how fun a game is and how it lets me socialize with friends. Draw Something is the first social game I've played that actually lets me have a direct connection with my friends over a game.

Are you one of Draw Something's 10 million plus daily active users? Or do you find other games more fun? Let us know in the comments.

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