Drakengard 3 Wants You To Know Its Mature


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Square Enix pretty much surprised everyone when it announced that it would be localizing Drakengard 3. The series hasn't exactly been that popular in the U.S., and its spinoff - NieR - is polarizing to say the least. The true believers are incredibly grateful, however, and have been pestering Square Enix for even more information on the prequel to one of the weirdest RPG series of all time.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix announces the second pre-order bonus for Drakengard 3 - the NieR costume pack. The pack includes Kaine and NieR Replicant costumes for Zero - the game's protagonist. It also includes an Emil hat for the dragon.

Square Enix notes that the above pre-order bonus is only available until April 9. Previously, it offered the Japanese voice DLC as a free pre-order bonus to those who pre-ordered before March 4. Starting April 9, the current costume pack will no longer be available as a free bonus and wave three will unlock.

To coincide with the DLC announcement, Square Enix has also put together a new trailer that touches upon Drakengard 3's mature story. The game comes from the people who brought us NieR so they want you to know that their latest game is full of sex, violence and all the foul language that tends to come with dark fantasy. In other words, it's gonna be great:

Drakengard 3 is scheduled to launch on May 20 exclusively for the PS3.

Image via PlayStation Blog/YouTube