Dr. Phil's Car Stolen From Repair Shop


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Who knew Dr. Phil was a car collector? The celebrity pop psychologist this week had his classic '57 Chevy stolen from a car shop where it was being repaired. TMZ is reporting that the car was in the Burbank repair shop having transmission work done.

TMZ states that the car, a two-door convertible '57 Chevy, is worth $100,000. Though similar to the car in the image to the right, Dr. Phil's car is black with white and silver trim and a red leather interior. The car thieves smashed through a roll-up door to get inside the shop. Dr. Phil called police, and they are handling the theft, as much as the Burbank police can, I suppose.

In a remarkable collision of Today's top stories, Terrell Owens, who was just released into free agency by the Seattle Seahawks, made an embarrassing appearance on Dr. Phil's show. Owens was confronted by the mothers of some of his children with allegations that he skipped out on child support payments and was generally absent from the lives of his progeny.

Dr. Phil, whose full name is Phillip Calvin McGraw, has not commented publicly on the theft. The latest blog post on the Dr. Phil blog is by his wife Robin, who praises the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for its charity work.

(Photo courtesy Kobac via Wikimedia Commons)