Dr. Phil Sues Over Manti Te'o Interview

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Dr. Phil is majorly mad that Deadspin posted a video clip of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo speaking in the voice he used to convince football star Manti Te'o he was a woman. So mad, in fact, that he wants to sue.

Phil says that Deadspin--under the umbrella of Gawker Media--totally screwed him over when they posted the clip, because he was going to use it in the second half of his interview with Tuiasosopo after a "cliffhanger" in part one. The clip was posted before the second part aired to the majority of his viewers, he says, and that ain't cool. Claiming that they stole the clip, he's now suing the company for an unspecified amount.

Tuiasosopo made major headlines last year when it came out that he'd been posing as a woman for over a year in phone conversations and online with former Notre Dame player Manti Te'o. Te'o claims he never realized he'd been talking to a man and had been calling Tuiasosopo's character--Lennay Kekua--his girlfriend. Tuiasosopo eventually killed Lennay off in an elaborate story involving her having cancer, and, in a recent interview, claims he was molested as a child and that the experience changed him profoundly.

“I felt that I couldn’t do things, accomplish things, pursue things, live out as Ronaiah,” Tuiasosopo said. “And I felt the need to create this. It has everything to do with what I went through as a child.”

Image: CBS

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