"Downton Abbey" Stars Got Weepy After Final Show Was Wrapped

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Downton Abbey has ended for cast and crew of the immensely famous period drama.

For those who star, write, direct, ect. for Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle has been their second home.

For a couple of stars, it was harder to leave Downton Abbey than they thought it would be.

Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary Crawley, admitted that she will greatly miss Laura Carmichael, who plays her sister Edith on Downton Abbey.

She said, "I feel like I share the most memories with her, because we're so close. She was 22 and I was 27 when we started. We partly grew up on the show, [but we also have] memories outside."

She added, "We did a press tour in New York on my 30th birthday. Laura wasn't on the tour but she surprised me on my birthday."

Dockery also revealed the sad goodbye she and Carmichael said to the old castle that provided the set for Downton Abbey.

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She said, "Laura and I wandered around for the last time, and suddenly we didn't want to go home. We went and sat on Matthew's bench and had a bit of a cry."

Jim Carter, who didn't make too big of a deal about being part of Downton Abbey during his stint as the butler, Mr. Carson, even admitted that he had a surprisingly hard time letting go.

He said, "When we wrapped, the other actors were getting weepy, and I thought, 'C'mon!' But then the producers came out and thanked them, and I thought, 'We've got to thank the crew, too, because they've been with us every inch of the way.'"

He continued, "So I said, 'Guys, all your hard work, your artistry —' And suddenly I couldn't speak. I began to weep along with the other actors and all these big tattooed guys on the crew with tears pouring down their faces."

He added, "I genuinely hadn't anticipated that."

The final season of Downton Abbey begins on Sunday. Will you be watching?

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