"Downton Abbey": Costume Exhibit In The Making?

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Downton Abbey has wrapped on the last episode and many fans are sad to see it go.

Even the stars of Downton Abbey struggled to say goodbye.

One of Downton Abbey's main stars, Michelle Dockery, admitted that she will miss the close friends she made during six seasons of filming.

She said of Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael, who plays her sister Edith, "I feel like I share the most memories with her, because we're so close. She was 22 and I was 27 when we started. We partly grew up on the show, [but we also have] memories outside."

She added, "We did a press tour in New York on my 30th birthday. Laura wasn't on the tour but she surprised me on my birthday."

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Dockery also revealed that after shooting the last episode, the two of them shared a bittersweet goodbye to the old castle that served as Downton Abbey.

She said, "Laura and I wandered around for the last time, and suddenly we didn't want to go home. We went and sat on Matthew's bench and had a bit of a cry."

While Downton Abbey will end in the US with the sixth season on PBS, fans may be able to draw out the fun a little bit longer.

There are murmurings of a possible costume exhibition. Lead costume designer Anna Robbins said that while many cast members took home costumes from Downton Abbey, she is keeping a "firm eye" on them so they can go on display at some point. Yay!

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She said, "I know some of the actors have been coveting pieces like the jackets and evening dresses, which could definitely work off set with jeans or on the red carpet."

She added, "But I'm keeping a firm eye on them so they can be archived for a potential exhibition."

Sound like a mini-pilgrimage might be in order for some Downton Abbey fans.

Downton Abbey begins its sixth season in the US on PBS this Sunday! Will you be watching?

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