'Downton Abbey': A Recap of This Week's Episode

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Those who watched Downton Abbey this week were treated to a lot of content, but left with many questions. For instance, what did Mr. Bates do on his mysterious trip to York? And is Edith really going to secretly put her baby up for adoption in Switzerland? And maybe not as important but still questionable, why was Lady Mary so rude to the butler who announced dinner?

Let’s take a look at the action-packed episode.

Edith concocts a deranged plan that would involve her giving the new pig farmer, Mr. Drew, her baby, in an effort to keep the baby around her, without giving up the goods that it’s actually a child she conceived with her boyfriend who has mysteriously vanished. Aunt Rosamund comes up with an equally deranged plan of going to Switzerland with Edith for a few months to “learn French,” but will actually put Edith’s baby up for adoption. Cora agrees to let Edith stay in the Alps with her aunt. However, the Dowager Countess sees right through the flimsy plan and calls Edith and Aunt Rosamund out on it.

Cora and the house are busy preparing for the annual church bazaar, which has her in a tizzy. She’s enlisted the help of just about everyone, including Aunt Rosamund. The bazaar is a success, and Lord Grantham returns from his trip to America at the end.

Tom sees Rose dining with African-American band singer Jack Ross at a restaurant, which is quite the scandal. He tells Mary immediately, who talks to Rose about it. Rose reveals she and Ross are engaged, which leads Mary to visit London to advise Ross against this. He tells her he will call off the engagement, and does.

Speaking of engagements, Albert proposes to Ivy in a letter, which she promptly turns down. Albert visits the house, and after consulting with her father-in-law, Daisy gives Albert a proper, and heart-warming send-off.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the episode:

And perhaps the juiciest news of all, is that Mr. Bates takes off to York a day after Gillingham sacks his man, Mr. Green, after getting the request from Mary. Unbeknownst to Gillingham, Mary asks him to can the servant because he raped Anna, Mary’s lady’s maid and Mr. Bates’ wife. On the same day as Bates’ trip, Mr. Green just so happens to be shoved into a busy street, gets run over, and dies. Trés suspicious.

Downton Abbey has lots of ends to tie up this season, without much time. Next week is the final episode of the season. Oh, bollocks!

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