Dove Real Beauty Parody Proves Men Need a Similar Confidence Boost

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Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty worldwide marketing campaign is nearly a decade old, and in that time the company has spent millions on telling women that their natural beauty is just that - real beauty. Their latest viral campaign with that message, Dove Real Beauty Sketches, went viral earlier this month.

You may recall the video, which featured an artist comparing women's perceptions of their physical appearance to descriptions from other people. In the end, it showed that people sell themselves short. You are most likely a lot more beautiful than you think you are. Great message. Well, men need that sort of confidence boost from time to time. Especially when it involves their balls. I don't think that I have to explain that this excellent parody video is a little bit NFSW (some ball drawings):

[via AdhocVids]
Josh Wolford
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