Double Fine's The Cave Launches Next Week

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Gamers might have found it a bit harrowing to watch January fly by as the release date for The Cave remained the elusive "January 2013," but Double Fine and Sega have finally pinned down the launch day.

The Cave will be released in one week, on January 22 in the U.S. and January 23 in Europe. The game will cost $15 through the PlayStation Network or for PC, or 1200 Microsoft Points through Xbox LIVE. The title will also be ported to the Wii U, and a release date for that version will be announced "soon."

The Cave is a 2-D platforming adventure game where players take on the role of three of seven different characters - The Hillbilly, The Scientist, The Monk, The Twins, The Knight, The Adventurer, and The Time Traveler. The chosen characters will explore a gigantic cave system using exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork.

The creator of The Cave is Ron Gilbert, creator of classic titles such as Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. The game's developer, Double Fine, was responsible for the cult-classic Psychonauts. With an ancestry of that sort, expectations for The Cave's gameplay and humor couldn't be higher.

The trailer for the game seen below is a combination of two separate character trailers that were released last month.

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