Doritos Locos Tacos Chips Coming to Stores in April

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Frito Lay seems to have discovered that its customers apparently enjoy tacos as well. Earlier this month, Taco Bell debuted its cool ranch Doritos-flavored Locos Tacos, continuing its Locos Tacos success.

This week, Frito Lay announced that Doritos Locos Tacos will soon become a flavor for Doritos chips. That's right. The tacos at Taco Bell that have shells based on classic Doritos flavors will now themselves become "new" flavors of Doritos tortilla chips.

The Locos Tacos Doritos will come in either nacho cheese or cool ranch varieties, and both will also have "crunchy taco" chips in the bag as well, which will presumably hold the flavor of an entire Taco Bell taco. The flavors arrive in stores starting April 8:

Doritos is also holding a Twitter contest in which the winner will win a pallet (132 bags) of Locos Tacos Doritos:

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