Doris Singleton Dies: "I Love Lucy" Star Was 92

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Doris Singleton, best known as Lucy and Ricky's next door neighbor on the popular '50s show "I Love Lucy", has died. She was 92-years old.

Singleton worked on a number of successful television programs, including "My Three Sons", "The Munsters", and "Dynasty". But she said she very much enjoyed working with Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, during her stint on the show as their boastful neighbor Carolyn Appleby.

"Lucy was very nice to me because she really liked my work," she said. "And when you did ["I Love Lucy"], if Lucy liked you -- not just Lucy but Desi [Arnaz] as well and the producers, writers, and directors -- you did the show a lot. So she had her stock company, too. If she didn't like you or you made a mistake ... you didn't come back."

Singleton and Ball formed a friendship after a chance meeting on a radio program in 1948. She once said that there was very little fun to be had on set, as Ball was all business when she was working.

In a bizzarre twist of fate, Singleton passed away in the same week one of her former costars, Don Grady, died. The two worked on "My Three Sons" together.

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