Donald Trump's Embarrassed Progeny Told Him to "Tone it Down"

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The New York Daily News this week published a report of a political intervention Donald Trump's children staged to try and protect their famous father's reputation. According to the report, Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka met with their father less than a month before election day and requested that he "turn it down a notch" with regards to his bashing of President Obama. The report cites a unnamed source, and a Trump representative has denied the intervention took place. From the report:

“The three of them met and went to see their dad in his Fifth Ave. office. They showed a lot of respect, but told him he’s worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he’s always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much,” says a source who knew about the mid-October meeting.

Mid-October would be about the time Trump began making claims of a "very big" announcement that would turn the tide of the presidential election against President Obama. When the big reveal was made, it turned out that Trump was simply demanding Obama release his college transcripts, and was holding $5 million of charity money hostage for the records. Trump was widely and soundly ridiculed for the stunt.

Trump's political outspokenness began last year, when he flirted with running for the Republican nomination for president. His support for the birther movement won him points with the party's more xenophobic elements, but ran into some trouble with The Celebrity Apprentice sponsors for his remarks.

Trump still releases the occasional political rant via his Twitter account. His most recent Twitter session included quotes from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Douglas MacArthur, Harry Truman, and Dale Carnegie:

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