Domino's Pizza buys Joey's Pizza To Become Germany's Go-To Delivery Place

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Domino's Pizza knows that Germans are super serious about their pizza, and now they own a bigger slice of that market.

Britain's Domino's Pizza Group has joined with Domino's Pizza Enterprises to buy Joey's Pizza and create Germany's largest pizza delivery business.

The venture will reportedly cost 45 million euros, which is 33 million pounds and somewhere around 35 million dollars.

Domino's Pizza has been struggling in recent years over in Germany, which is kind of surprisingly the world's fourth largest pizza market.

Domino's Pizza has 20 stores across Germany, 15 of which will become part of the new group and five of which will close down altogether.

Joey's is doing much better than Domino's pizza, with 212 stores nationwide. Joey's has been in business for 27 years.

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It’s meant to be. They fit perfectly together.

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So, if you live in Germany and you happen to be a fan of mediocre pizza, then you should be really excited about this Domino's Pizza merge.

That will bring the total number of stores across the nation to 227, as Domino's Pizza tries to "overcome the challenges it has faced as a small operator in the country", the company said in a statement.

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And now I'm hungry.

Are you a fan of Domino's Pizza? If not, what's your favorite pizza delivery go-to?

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