Domino’s Pizza and Playstation Team Up For DLC


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Domino’s Pizza, the pizza delivery expert, has teamed up with PlayStation to appear in the new MotorStorm: RC game with a Domino’s branded car. MotorStorm: RC, which was launched last week, is the latest version of the classic arcade game. A Domino’s car is among the range of radio controlled vehicles which players can race across dusty deserts, dense jungles, icy terrains and post-apocalyptic cities. Domino’s car can be downloaded and raced on both the brand new PlayStation Vita format and PlayStation3, as well as being available free on the PlayStation Network store.

With its car in Motorstorm: RC, Domino’s is seeking to capitalise on the social aspect of gaming while introducing branded objects that add value to players in game. Nick Dutch, multimedia manager at Domino’s Pizza, said: “We’ve had great success with our in-game activity to date and we are keen to continue reaching our core target audience in innovative ways. We loved the idea of giving PlayStation3 fans a free car to race in Motorstorm: RC and the launch of the much anticipated PlayStation Vita was an ideal to platform to make this happen. Our car is a smart-looking, mini mean machine and we’re looking forward to seeing how it fares on the MotorStorm: RC track.”

Motorstorm: RC is the 5th Motorstorm game across 2 platforms. Previous titles include Motorstorm, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, Motorstorm: Pacific Rim, and Motorstorm: Apocalypse.

Motorstorm: RC is set for release on the PS3 and PSN on March 6th

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