Domino Artists Break World Record


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Every kid enjoys watching dominos topple one another and serpentine their way across a room. As I child I would spend upwards of an hour setting up elaborate patterns and then watch in wonder as it all collapsed together in a few a brief moments.

Most people probably have similar memories about the childhood staple, but what one German group recently accomplished was far from child's play.

Sinners Domino Entertainment broke the world record for most dominos toppled in a spiral with a final count of 55,555. No spiral had ever successfully seen all dominos fall, but not such trouble occurred for the team.

The feat came at the beginning of a much larger display entitled 'Enjoy Your Life', which used over 300,000 of the little tiles. The display took the team of 12 eight days to set up and featured sections that payed homage to enjoyable aspects of life such as sports, travel, and celebrations.

The team can add the spiral record to their already prestigious list of domino-related accomplishments which also includes most dominos toppled by a group, most dominos toppled by an individual, largest domino mosaic, and most dominos toppled in a 3D pyramind, a trick which adds a nice visual flair to the 'Enjoy Your Life' display.