Dom Hemingway: Jude Law Stars in Against Type Role


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Jude Law's titular role in the recently released Dom Hemingway has earned him mostly positive reviews.

The film opens as safe-cracking petty criminal Dom Hemingway is released from a 12-year prison stint that could have been shortened had he been willing to testify against crime boss Mr. Fontaine (played by Demián Bichir.)

After going on a bender in London, Dom heads to the south of France to collect his reward from Mr. Fontaine. He is accompanied by his only friend and fellow criminal Dickie Black, a role filled by Richard E. Grant.

Law describes Dom Hemingway as an old-fashioned crook who lives by a dubious set of morals and rules. According to Law, Dom is an "explosive and poetic and strangely funny yet violent and scary man."

Law said he knew upon reading the script that he wanted the role:

" ... there were sides of him that I knew I had never been allowed to play before."

He said the role was simultaneously a challenge and great fun.

According to costar Grant, Law "goes at it absolutely full throttle on every take."

A generally unfavorable review in The Washington Free Beacon allowed that Law and Grant "have pretty solid chemistry and decent comic timing."

Dom Hemingway writer and director Richard Shepard said he wanted to write a character that "was outrageous and yet had a heart, but it was difficult to see it."

Of the against-type nature of Law's character, Shepard said "actors really love to look bad."

Indeed, according to a review in The Boston Herald, Law "has gotten better since he left his pretty-boy days behind."

Law promises viewers Dom Hemingway will "shock you, he will make you laugh, he will titillate you, he will excite you ... it's like going down [to] the pub with him for an hour and a half and ... it's worth it."

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