Dolphin "Stampede" Caught on Video

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For most Americans, seeing dolphins is something that happens at Sea World or another aquatic-themed amusement park. Some are lucky enough to swim with a few dolphins on their honeymoon. Some tourists on a recent whale and dolphin sighting expedition got much more than that.

Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari posted a video this week that shows an estimated 1,000 dolphins as they "stampede" off the coast of Dana Point, California. The business calls the event very rare, and stated that the line of wild dolphins could be seen from miles away. Capt. Dave's also claims that Southern California is home to the greatest number of oceanic dolphins per square mile in the world, with close to 450,000 common dolphins.

What isn't explained is exactly why the dolphins are stampeding. Without a proper explanation, it's easy to conclude that the dolphins are engaging in some sort of emergency planet evacuation, and that humans should follow suit, lest they be caught on Earth as it is destroyed to make way for a new hyperspace bypass.

(Image courtesy Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari Facebook Page)

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