Dolly Parton To Renew Wedding Vows For 50th Anniversary

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Dolly Parton's 50th wedding anniversary is two years away, but the country music legend is already planning on how she will celebrate. Parton has revealed that she and her husband Carl Dean will be renewing their wedding vows to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

"We've talked about that—we might do it all over again!" Parton told "Another big wedding." Parton and Dean were married May 30, 1966 in Georgia, when Parton was only 20 years old.

The couple currently resides in Tennessee, and that is where Parton says the wedding will take place, seeing as though Dean doesn't like to travel. "We will probably be at our big old plantation home. We love it there," she said. “Carl doesn’t like to fly,” she revealed. “Once many, many years ago, he went with me to Hawaii, and he enjoyed that, but he never wanted to go anywhere else. He’s happy staying home and I’m happy traveling,” she explained. “We’re both pretty much old mountain goats."

Before Parton walks down the aisle again, she has a packed tour in store, that starts in January. The Blue Smoke World Tour will start in the United States and then will continue through Australia and Europe. “It’s always great to perform at home in the good ol’ USA. We’re kicking off our Blue Smoke World Tour right here at home. I love traveling all over the world; but it’s true, there’s nothing like home,” she said.

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