Dolly Parton Beloved as Girl Next Door

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Dolly Parton describes herself as the girl next door. Of course her self-deprecating humor won't allow her to stop with that simple statement--she has to take it a step further. In a recent interview about her return to Australia--she will tour there in 2014 for the first time since 2011--she says she's like the girl next door, but with a twist.

"I'm kind of like the girl next door - provided you grew up next to door to a circus," she says.

It's precisely that innate ability to poke fun at herself that makes the average person feel like Dolly is akin to a neighbor.

Growing up on a farm, as one of twelve children, Dolly Parton learned fast the importance of feeling like she fit in, and she has always aimed to make her fans feel like they fit in, too.

"Most people have been made fun of for either being handicapped, overweight or too skinny, being this and that," she says. "I really think people just relate to my songs and I'm just grateful that I have been around this long."

And even though Dolly's fame is as a country singer, she might have made it on the comedy circuit if she'd needed a back up job. Her interviews--as well as her concerts--are typically replete with boob jokes. Her upcoming tour in Australia will be filled with them, too.

She recalled during this interview how she and her friend Judy were in a car accident not too long ago.

"There was no real harm done," she said. "The airbags didn't go off, except for mine. Judy's a little bit more flat chested than me so she got a little bit more damage than I did."

It's plain to see Dolly Parton doesn't stand on ceremony. Her fans wouldn't expect her to. That's all part of that 'girl next door' persona that everyone loves.

In addition to the excitement of Dolly touting her 2014 Australian tour, dates for her upcoming U.S. tour were just announced, and Twitter fans are excited by this news.

Can you recognize that 'girl next door' charm that makes Dolly Parton such a beloved singer? Couldn't you just image inviting her inside your home for a cup of coffee and a good old fashioned visit?

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