Doku Umarov: Militant Islamic Extremist Dead


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Doku Umarov, known as "Russia's Most Wanted Man" is believed to be dead.

An obituary appeared on the Kavkaz Centre website which referred to Umarov as a "martyr". He was also praised for giving "20 years of service to the Jihad".

Forces lead by the Islamic extremist figure are blamed for several major terrorist bombings, including a bombing in Moscow, Russia.

Persons associated with his terrorist organization are also thought to be behind the devastating Beslan school hostage situation that occurred in 2004.

Supposedly replacing the former Chechen terrorist leader is a man who calls himself Ali Abu Mukhammad. Mukhammad claimed in a video message that he was asked to step in for the organization's fallen leader. Said Mukhammad, "I am declaring that I am taking on this responsibility."

The exact nature of Umarov's apparent death has not been unanimously confirmed at this time.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram blog that Umarov was killed "in a security operation". He added, "It is confirmed by the rats themselves."

At the same time not everyone is willing to say for certain whether or not Umarov is actually dead. A spokesman for Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee said to state news agency RIA that he was unable to confirm the death of the Chechen rebel leader.

It is known that Umarov's replacement Mukhammad is a native Dagestan. Dagestan-based terrorists are thought to be among the most extreme in the region and quite possibly the world. Experts say that the new leadership signals a shift in the North Caucus cause from separatist-based terrorism to largely Islamic extremism-based terrorism.

While some believe the death of Umarov played a role in quieting terrorist activities around the time of the Sochi Olympics, others say this is a gross overestimation of his influence.

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