"Dog The Bounty Hunter": Next Season Is The Last

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After eight seasons on A&E, the highly popular show "Dog The Bounty Hunter" is getting the boot.

Dog, otherwise known as Duane Chapman, became an unlikely hero to millions of viewers as the cameras followed him and several family members/co-workers on the hunt for fugitives for his bail bonds company in Honolulu, Hawaii. His larger than life persona--tall, tanned, blonde, usually shirtless--became fodder for more than a few spoofs, as did his wife, Beth. But it seemed to always be done in good humor, with regard for the man who made a living by capturing people who he often deemed down on their luck. After almost every arrest, Dog and Beth made it their business to offer their capture a smoke on the ride to jail, along with some kindly words of advice, which was often coupled with scripture from the Bible. Dog's bark was truly worse than his bite.

But for as much as the public came to know and love the lovably gruff bounty hunter, they also came to care about his personal life, as it was chronicled on the show because of his family's involvement with the business. The show saw huge ratings when he finally married Beth after many years and many children together, and fans mourned along with him as he learned his daughter had died in a car accident just a day before the wedding.

No doubt fans will still want more of their Dog even after the show leaves the air, but for now, they'll have to settle for the upcoming season, which airs next month and will be the last.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was cancelled after 8 seasons. That's like 56 seasons in Dog the Bounty Hunter years.
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Dog The Bounty Hunter is Cancelled! I love this show WTF!! http://t.co/PI5H8Lgc
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Dog the Bounty Hunter has been cancelled. Fly your mullets at half-mast.
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