Does Fast Weight Loss Really Work? Four Factors Said To Help Keep Pounds Off


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When it comes to weight loss, many dieters want the pounds gone as fast as humanly possible.

Standing in the way of this dream has been the long-standing belief that losing weight too quickly is both too dangerous and merely temporary.

The danger of fast weight loss comes from the questionable methods that individuals use to shed those pesky pounds. Many fad diets are not approved by doctors and involve people going to unhealthy extremes in the so-called name of health.

Why is weight lost quickly supposedly temporary?

There are various explanations, but the most common seems to be that persons who drop weight too quickly never really changed their eating and lifestyle patterns.

Failure to do so leads them to go right back to the behaviors that caused them to gain so much weight.

However, there is at last some scientific research to show that maybe medical and health experts had it all wrong.

According to a study out of Australia, it doesn't matter how quickly OR slowly you lose weight.

Persons tested all regained most of the weight, regardless of their pace!

Said Corby Martin and Kishore Gadde of the US-based Pennington Biomedical Research Center in a statement:

For weight loss, a slow and steady approach does not win the race. The myth that rapid weight loss is associated with rapid weight regain is no more true than one of Aesop's fables.

While this news may be deflating to some dieters, you shouldn't give up.

There ARE ways to lose weight fast and keep it off successfully:

1.) Eliminate fattening, unhealthy foods from your diet. PERMANENTLY.

You can't regain all that weight if your meals mainly consist healthy vegetables and fruit, right?

Get rid of anything you see as contributing to undermining your weight loss; this often means sugar and starches!

2.) Some mistakenly think they can return to life in the fast food drive-thru line so long as they make time for the gym on occasion "to burn it off".


The truth is that most successful weight loss can be attributed to changing your dietary habits. It's possible to lose a great deal of weight with no exercise whatsoever!

Exercise regularly, but DON'T FORGET to clean up your eating habits.

3.) Weigh yourself regularly and keep track of what you eat!

Some swear that they can keep their weight loss goals a reality so long as they weigh themselves daily and write down every calorie that goes into their mouths.

Apparently this helps them to monitor their weight and reverse any negative eating habits that they observe as causing them to gain weight.


4.) Learn to eat intuitively.

Where careful monitoring fails, some say that learning to eat intuitively helps. This means training your body to only eat when you are hungry.

Eating only at certain times, versus eating when you're bored or upset can help you take control of your health and weight.

Have you lost a lot of weight? Were you able to keep it off? If so, share your story below. What advice can you offer anyone hoping to lose weight FAST?