Dodgers Trailing Cardinals in NLCS


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It's that wonderful time of year in America, the weather is getting a bit cooler, everything comes in pumpkin flavor, and the World Series is almost upon us. But we still have a few more games to go until we find out which American League team and National League team will be playing each other.

The Los Angeles Dodgers put up enough of a fight during Wednesday's NLCS game to fight another day. Going into Wednesday's game, the St. Louis Cardinals were ahead of the Dodgers with 3-1 wins in the best-of-seven game series. The Dodgers beat the Cardinals 6-4, making it a 3-2 series. The teams will meet again in St. Louis on Friday, and Dodgers fans are hoping for another victory, to get them that much closer to the World Series.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said, "We've kind of become America's team because everyone wants to see a seventh game. Probably even the fans in St. Louis would like to see a seventh game, so I figure that everybody's for us to win on Friday night." I'm sure Cardinals fans would prefer a win on Friday so they can make preparations for World Series games, but what do I know, I"m a bitter Atlanta Braves fan.

Maybe Will Ferrell announcing the starting lineup gave the Dodgers the little bit of umpfh they needed to win.

Owner Magic Johnson gave props to the fans for their dedication to the team.

You can watch a recap of the Dodgers Game 5 win in the video below.

In the ALCS, the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox are keeping their series going strong. They're tied in the series at 2-2 after the Tigers beat the Red Sox 7-3 on Wednesday.

It seems the four teams still in the running for the World Series are making this an exciting and long-lasting run.

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