Dodgers' Brian Wilson Lashes Out at Giants' CEO Larry Baer


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Its been almost a year since the 2012 World Series when the San Francisco Giants came out undefeated over the Detroit Tigers. Before his trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, relief pitcher, Brian Wilson, was apart of the championship winning team. While there was a slight misunderstanding of logistics before his trade, ultimately there was no 'bad blood' between the pitcher, or the Giants' franchise. So, what was his purpose in confronting Giants' CEO Larry Baer?

Immediately after the Dodgers-Giants game, it was quite clear that Wilson felt some kind of way about the man, as he deftly made his way across the field to the opposing dugout. However, the purpose for his rant had nothing to do with anything confrontational. Once again, it was all logistics.

Wilson felt it was time to inquire about his 2012 World Series ring that he never received. Although he was traded, he rightfully deserved the ring he works so vigorously for, so he felt compelled to go directly to the source for a definitive answer. Once Wilson had blown off enough steam, Baer ventured to the another area of the field, retrieved the ring, and returned to pass it on to Los Angeles' personnel.

While the scene was quite disconcerting, Baer made an effort to maintain a professional stance, personally delivering the ring to personnel. Following the exchange, Giants spokesperson, Staci Slaughter weighed in on the misunderstanding:
"We have been for seven months trying to give him his World Series ring, and tried these past three days. It's been more challenging than we expected. We've given the ring to the Dodgers and he now has it. We really tried to do the right thing. We invited him to the ring ceremony. A number of members of our organization repeatedly reached out to him and we didn't get any response,” she said. “It's just unfortunate, because he was an important member of our organization,” admitted Slaughter. reported that when Wilson was questioned in regards to the confrontation with Baer, he coolly said, “It was just a conversation between me and him.”



Image via Wikimedia Commons