DNA Test Confirms Twins With Different Fathers In Vietnam

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DNA test answers confirmed recently that a Vietnamese woman had twin daughters by different fathers and a lot of explaining to do.

Local reports from a town in the northern Hòa Bình province of Vietnam say the family of the assumed father of the twins insisted on a DNA test after they noticed the twins had different hair, one straight and one curly.

The DNA test proved that the mother of the twins had intercourse with two different men within a five to seven day fertility window, each fertilizing an egg.

Dr. Cynthia Austin, a fertility specialist at Cleveland Clinic Women's Health Institute, explained exactly how this could come to pass.

She said, "Normally, when a woman ovulates, she's only producing one egg, but that's not always the case. Sometimes there are two."

When two ambitious sperm fertilize both eggs, fraternal twins like these in Vietnam are the result. Sperm can remain alive for several days inside the body so if the mother is, um, active, sperm from two different men could fertilize two eggs in the same cycle, even days apart.

Just for fun:

Austin added, "Sometimes it's very obvious, if the father is one race and the babies are two different races," adding, however, "I would say the vast majority of times, twins with different fathers, it goes unnoticed."

That DNA test is likely this Vietnamese woman's worst enemy today, but it makes one wonder just how often this happens and no one ever knows.

What do you think is going on over in Vietnam after this DNA test revelation?

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