Django Unchained, Les Miserables Lead Christmas Box Office

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It may surprise people who never think to go to the movies on Christmas, but the day is one of the largest movie-going days of the year. My pet theory is that after the presents are opened and the brunch is devoured, families that don't have much in common would much rather see a movie than sit and stare at each other silently.

This Christmas, two movies ran away with the majority of box office receipts on what was one of the biggest holiday movie days of all time. Les Misérables, the adaptation of the famous musical, scored the second-largest Christmas opening of all time, taking in $18.2 million in one day. A very different movie was right on the heels of Les Mis, with Quentin Tarantino's bloody southern slave-era revenge tale Django Unchained taking in $15 million to become the third-largest Christmas opening.

The success of these films was never really in doubt. Last week, Samuel L. Jackson, who stars in Django, teamed up with Les Mis star Anne Hathaway to promote their flicks with a "sad off." The video below is filled with NSFW language and some of the humor could even be considered racially insensitive. It's perfect for bringing the message of despair home for the holidays:

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