Disney Magical World Looks Absolutely Delightful


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It's no secret that I'm a fan of pretty much everything Disney cranks out. I'm even willing to do away with my masculinity in exchange for a photo op with the Disney princesses. Thanks to Nintendo, however, I can now indulge in my Disney fantasy without leaving the house and, more importantly, exposing myself to the judgmental eyes of society.

Nintendo released a new trailer detailing the features of Disney Magical World today. While some may dismiss the game as silly children's fare, there seems to be quite a bit of depth to it. Not only will players be tasked with running their own cafe, but they will also be able to fish, explore the park and hang out with all of their favorite Disney characters.

Now, you may be thinking that doesn't sound all that appealing to you - the hardcore gamer that can pull of 20 headshots in a single Titanfall match. Well, that may be true, but you can't even deny the allure of catching ghosts. Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon was pretty great, and Disney Magical World introduces a similar gameplay mechanic that tasks players with capturing ghosts. It's probably the closest it ever gets to being a "core" game, and that's perfectly fine.

You'll be able to become the princess (or prince) of your dreams come April 11 when Disney Magical World launches exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.