Disney Layoffs Could Start This Week

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A source within Disney Interactive has announced that it will begin its first round of layoffs as early as this week. The company has lost more than $200 million a year between 2008 and 2012 and made several other job cuts within the company. Last year, Disney Interactive laid off more than 50 workers and closed Junction Point Studios in Texas. The company also closed Propaganda Games, which resulted in over 200 people losing their jobs.

Although it seems like times are tough for Disney Interactive, they may not stay that way. The video game Disney Infinity, which was released by Disney Interactive last year has been very successful and more than 3 million copies of the game have sold.

The starter pack of the game sells for $75 and contains three of the characters necessary to play the game. Other characters are needed to move on to higher levels and explore different zones and areas of the game. These additional characters sell for between $12 and $15 and are also available in character packs for around $25.

Although rumors of the layoffs come from a trustworthy source, Disney Interactive refused to comment on them can called the report speculative. According to an official at the California Employment Development Department, the state has not yet been made aware of the possible layoffs. In California, companies that plan to layoff large numbers of employees are required to notify the state within 60 days of the layoffs.

Jimmy Pitaro and John Pleasants were named co-presidents of the company in 2010. Pleasants recently stepped down from his position, leaving Pitaro to run the company and deal with the layoffs.

Do you think Disney Interactive will go forward with the layoffs or will the release of Disney Infinity save the company and the jobs of the people who work there?

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