"Dirty Dancing" Hotel Fire: Largest In Catskills History

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The Catskills condo complex that inspired the setting for the film "Dirty Dancing" went up in flames on Saturday, and even though the movie wasn't filmed there, it's sad to see a little bit of Dirty Dancing history lost forever.

Kellerman's, the resort where Johnny Castle taught Baby Houseman to dance, was based on Brown's Hotel, which had been standing since 1944. The fire that consumed it this past weekend was deemed the largest in Catskills history and took more than 300 firefighters to combat it; luckily no one was injured, but seven of the nine buildings in the complex were destroyed.

Brown's was in good company as inspiration, almost as famous as The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, which inspired Stephen King's book The Shining.

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The following scene from the film shows Baby getting her first glimpse of Johnny (Patrick Swayze) and her first taste of the glamorous world of dancing (well, glamorous to her, anyway).

Amanda Crum
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