Diddy Says He's Puff Daddy Again


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Record mogul and businessman Sean Combs has gone by different names in the past several years, so your age pretty much determines how you refer to him.

For example, if you're in your teens or 20s then you probably refer to him as Diddy. But if you're in your late 30s, early 40s, then you probably still call him Puffy or Puff Daddy, and if you're older than that you probably don't care what the guy calls himself and you might not even know why he's so famous to begin with.

For those keeping score, Diddy has changed his name yet again, but this time his new name shouldn't be difficult to remember, because he's going back to Puff Daddy, the original name he used when he started the successful record label Bad Boy.

The name change surrounds Combs' new song featuring fellow rappers Rick Ross and French Montana, entitled Big Homie, and of course he tweeted the news this past Monday. "For the record, I did not change my name," wrote Combs. "I always have been and always will be Puff Daddy! Be cool man."

If you remember, Combs changed his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy in 1999, shortly after he was found not guilty of being involved in a club shooting. He said because the name "Puff Daddy" got so much negative press during the trial, he wanted to start fresh, so he came up with a new name that still kind of sounded like the old one.

On Ellen DeGeneres' show last year, a playful Combs said he's been feeling a lot like his old self lately since launching his new cable network Revolt, and if he does go back to being Puff Daddy it's because he's trying to tap into that young eager record executive that made him so successful years ago.

"I've been in the Puff Daddy spirit because I'm launching this network and I had to go back to my roots of aggression and intensity and relentlessness," he said. "And that's Puff Daddy. That's a super hero. It's not technically a name change. It's just that I'm channeling one of my previous alter egos."

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