Did The Entire Wu-Tang Clan Rap Group Have Sex With This Woman?

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You learn a lot of things watching Divorce Court. In a recent episode where a woman was accused of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan, the world was introduced to the expression “buss down.”

In one of the more bizarre but entertaining episodes, Nathan Sellers accused his then-girlfriend of sleeping with the entire Wu-Tang Clan, or as he so eloquently put it “she gave Wu some tang.”

Lia Palmquist, the ex-girlfriend, riposted with her own creative way of saying she remained faithful to Nate by insisting that “I kept my lady points together.”

Palmquist further expounded on her situation and explained to Judge Lyn Toler what went down that night.

"I met Wu-Tang. I got on their tour bus. I went back to their hotel. And I was just hanging out all night. It was amazing,” she explained. “We were not doing anything but talking… we talked a lot about politics."

Judge Toler didn’t seem too convinced but to be fair, Wu-Tang can get very political when it comes to certain issues, like the Ferguson incident and racial inequality.

They might have been engaged in a heated discussion until Palmquist realized it was already 7am and had to rush home in a cab.

Palmquist insisted that nothing wrong happened and wanted to put on record that “Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen.”

She also clarified that she “would never be a buss down or a groupie in that situation.”

While the new expression amused Toler for a few seconds, she also found it to be the perfect way of telling Palmquist that her actions were indeed groupie behavior.

In the end, Judge Toler ruled in favor of Sellers, the defendant.

Apparently, the case was really about Sellers allegedly bringing bedbugs into Palmquist’s home during the time that they were living together.

But it’s always much more educational to talk about the Wu-Tang Clan than bedbugs.

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