Did Mariah Carey Call Nicki Minaj Satan?

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It seems that Mariah Carey may be singing a happy tune about the end of her contributions as a judge on American Idol. In an interview with Angie Martinez of the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97, Carey described her experience on American Idol as “going to work everyday… in Hell with Satan.”

But which American Idol co-worker is Carey calling Satan!?

Hmmm, could it be the loud-dressing Nicki Minaj who also participated as a judge on American Idol, AND also participated in prior catfights with Carey?

Could be.

Carey doesn’t actually say outright that Minaj is a snow cone-hair-colored devil, but the past disputes between the two former Idol judges make Nicki Minaj a strong contender to the fiery throne.

During their shared time on American Idol, Mariah and Nicki engaged in verbal disputes that stemmed from disagreements over the contestants.

During the interview with Martinez, Mariah Carey opens up about her discontent (or flat-out hatred!) of her experience while working on the show. Angie Martinez asks Mariah about “what happened with American Idol [.]” Carey replies stating that it is over and answers a miserable ‘no’ to Martinez’s question regarding whether she liked it.

In the interview Carey seems relieved that the ordeal is in the past. After making the ‘Satan’ remark, Carey laughs it up with Martinez and says that she is joking. Surrrre. We hear you, Mariah. Carey speaks further about her feeling of discontent with the way the show played out:

“It didn’t affect me that much. I was just like—I was disappointed.”

Carey expresses how she felt about the contestants and the judges’ decisions (or just Nicki’s decisions) regarding them:

“[Some of the contestants] were so good, like, and also really good people. You could tell, and it was just disappointing when they would—for political reasons—not put people through.”

Mariah ended on a happier note claiming her preference for working in the studio and going on tours.

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Video and other sources via youtube.com and Hot 97, Angie Martinez