DICE Explains Destruction For Close Quarters DLC


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One of the more frustrating things about the visual effects of Battlefield 3 is that the destruction that we saw in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is almost non-existent. IN BFBC2 nearly every house, building, tree, and bush could be destroyed. Some trees could be taken down with a Barrett, everything except for a couple huge trees and the tower buildings could be taken down with C4/Rocket Launcher/Noob Tube. In Battlefield 3 there are many trees that are rocket resistant, tank resistant and otherwise invincible.

So why exactly would we be excited about a post on the new destruction capabilities being included in the upcoming June expansion pack titled "Close Quarters?" Well it is because without the necessary horse power to run the vast, wide open maps with all the vehicles, they can focus on blowing crap up!

Nadab Göksu, Senior VFX Artist at DICE has come to the great series titled "Inside DICE" where we get to see what and why certain decisions involving the game are made. This weeks episode focuses on the ins and outs of the new DLC launching in June. This post has a lot of technical stuff involved like how they "created a lot of new surface materials for “XP2” and a new set of gameplay/destruction effects for all of the different props and objects. This way it would be easier to control the new effects and to give this expansion pack a unique look."

Check out the video below. It look to me that the destructive environments haven't been increased, just the amount of surface items that explode has been increased.