Dianna Agron and Nicholas Hoult: Are They Dating?

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Dianna Agron of Glee fame and Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult have been spotted out and about in London recently, causing many to speculate that the two might be a couple. The Sun reports that the two have even engaged in a bit of PDA.

The actors have been to The Black Lion in Hammersmith and The Gallery in West Hampstead, preferring the cozy pubs over London's nightclubs.

A source tells People magazine that they didn't see anything that would indicate the two are a couple.

"They came in with each other and ordered some drinks. They sat down and had a conversation just like everyone else," the source said of Dianna Agron and Nicholas Hoult. "They seemed like they had a nice time, but we didn't see them kissing. But then, we were working, so we weren't really looking."

"It was definitely them. Both of them are very beautiful, so it's difficult to miss them. They weren't flirting or kissing or anything. It wasn't like they were a couple. Maybe they were just getting to know each other," the source added.

Back in February, Dianna Agron was seen at a pre-Oscars party with Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. Was she dating him, too?

Nicholas Hoult is best known for his X-Men role, and will star in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. Dianna Agron is in London where she'll star next month in the James Phillips play McQueen.

What do you think of Dianna Agron and Nicholas Hoult as a couple? Do you suppose they're dating as one source hinted at, or just friends as another seemed to believe instead? And if they're dating, what happened to Josh Hutcherson? Whatever they had didn't seem to last too long.

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