Diane Sawyer Says Goodbye To World News

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Last week, Diane Sawyer signed off from World News for the last time.

Sawyer, who has spent five years on the news show, ended the broadcast with her saying what a privilege it was for her to sit in the World News chair.

"Now it is time to say goodnight. I want you to know what a deep privilege it has been to sit in the World News chair," Sawyer said.

Although Sawyer will not be appearing on the show anymore, she will still be working for the network, conducting interviews and creating specials.

"I'm not going far. Down the hall and up the stairs," Sawyer continued. "I am not slowing down. I am gearing up in a new way — already at work on the stories that take you into the real lives around us, the ones we barely get to see."

Sawyer started working on World News in 2009. Before her, Charles Gibson hosted, and before him was Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff, who were co-anchors. Peter Jennings held the position for 20 years until he left in 2005.

Sawyer will be replaced by David Muir, who she praised in her final goodbye. "You have seen David Muir at this desk, in this chair so many times. You know his command and commitment to bringing you the news," Sawyer said of her replacement. "I cannot wait to see you in high gear."

"So one last time, it is good to know you are watching tonight," she said, finishing her final segment. "To Mike and the four grandchildren and their perfect parents, I look forward to being home early for some dinners again. And with gratitude for these years, I thank you and I’ll see you right back here on ABC News very soon. Good night."

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