Dhoom 3 Beats Box Office Records

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The Bollywood smash hit Dhoom 3 had the widest ever release for an Indian film in North America with shows in 236 theatres.

Debuting in the United States with a weekend box office take of $3.3 million, it is unlike most Indian films in that it is set in Chicago, rather than India.

The movie, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, centers on Aamir Khan, who plays an acrobat and illusionist named Sahir who lives in Chicago. It's a departure from the first two Dhoom movies in that it only nominally follows the exploits of a pair of Indian buddy cops Jai and Ali.

The thriller follows Sahir and his overwhelming desire to avenge his father's destruction at the hands of a greedy banker. Set against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline, the film is a high-powered special effects extravaganza.

Reviews have been mixed for the film, but many reviewers do rave over the special effects and the dazzling musical numbers that burst forth from the screen with color and excitement.

The Hollywood Reporter said, "Imagine a mashup of Cirque du Soleil, steampunk and Bollywood — throw in a few motorcycle chases, a love story, a secret double, a heist and the year’s funkiest music — and you’re just beginning to scratch the surface of Dhoom 3. The crazy thing is, it all works."

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