Dez Bryant is Ready for Megatron on Sunday

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Sundays in the fall have become something more than just a day of rest (like the Lord said) for many. Now, millions of people sit in front of their TVs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets to watch their favorite NFL teams and pay attention to the points players earn their fantasy teams.

Dez Bryant is planning on getting many points for whomever was lucky enough to draft him into their fantasy teams.

This Sunday, Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys will take on Calvin "Megatron" Johnson and the Detroit Lions. And after a conversation Bryant had with 103.3 FM ESPN Dallas, the comparisons between Bryant and Megatron are now endless (or at least until Sunday's game is over).

Bryant told ESPN Dallas, "Truth be told, I don't compare myself to nobody. I think Calvin's the best at what he [does]. I think I'm the best at what I do."

It was when Bryant was asked what Johnson could do that he couldn't that has caused quite the frenzy, "I believe I can do whatever he can do. I think it's just a pride thing. When it comes to football, just being on the field, it's a mindset and having a mentality. I honestly believe when I'm there, I'll be feeling like there's nothing I can't do. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I'm going to do it I always feel like there's more. I think that's just a mindset you're supposed to have."

Looks like Bryant realized maybe he needs to choose his words more wisely next time.

It seems Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't completely agree with Bryant. On Tuesday Jones told KRLD-FM, "I think that Johnson at Detroit has got to be the best receiver or best end target, if you want to put it like that, the best guy to go to right now in the league. Dez can aspire to be that and has a chance to be that."

Do you mean that Jerry, or are you just trying to give your employee a little more incentive to play exceptionally on Sunday?

Of course, once these quotes hit the internet, everyone started buzzing with their own opinions on what Bryant had to say.

With all the media frenzy, Bryant quickly tried to clear the air. He told the Detroit media during a conference call, "I wasn't comparing myself at all. I think a lot of people took it the wrong way. Clearly, I said there's no comparison. That's something that I do not do. I don't compare myself with anybody." He continued to explain his comments from earlier in the week, "It's just a pride thing, like I said. Calvin Johnson set the standard, set that bar high for every wide receiver in the league. I think it's the respect, it's really respect to him that he makes receivers like us go out there."

Looks like many people got what Bryant was saying without any clarification.

So, who do you think will reign supreme on Sunday? Bryant or Johnson? You can see for yourself on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. on FOX.

Image via Bryant's official Twitter.

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