Devil May Cry Shows Off Its Voice Actors in New Trailers

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Many fans of the Devil May Cry series are worried about the new game. From the previous footage that has been shown, the characters have been made younger and more "stylish," while the the environments have been made more urban. Whether the updates are to woo a new generation of fans or to simply spice up a formula that had become a bit bland, the new Devil May Cry will succeed or fail based on its gameplay.

Gameplay is hard to sell in a trailer, though, so Capcom has begun a new series of developer diary trailers to put some behind-the-scenes footage to good use. The first two diaries show off the voice actors portraying the characters Lilith, Mundus, Kat, and Vergil in the game.

In the first trailer, the actress who portrays Lilith uses her interview to muse on the Shakespearean nature of the characters in the game and their relationship to "vengeance, power, good, and evil." That's a pretty good preview of the type of information all of the interviews provide, so don't go in expecting new revelations or spoilers.

Developer diaries that show voice actors in black motion capture suits have been something something of a cliche for a while now. In the case of Devil May Cry, seeing the voice actors might even take away from the characters in the game, who are supposed to be super badasses.

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