Devil May Cry PC Gameplay Trailers Released

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Yesterday Capcom announced that the PC version of Devil May Cry (DmC) will be released on January 25, just 10 days after the console versions. The publisher promises that the PC version will be compatible with keyboard & mouse, the Xbox 360 controller, and third-party controllers. In addition, the game will be capable of running at 60 frames per second on sufficiently powerful PCs.

Now, Capcom has released what it is calling PC trailers for DmC. In reality, the trailers are just two gameplay trailers that show Dante slashing and blasting his way through dozens of hellish minions. The game's graphics do look nice in the trailers, and the assumption is that they depict DmC running on a PC. This doesn't differ much from other gameplay trailers, though. Nearly all games are advertised with footage from the game running on a PC, to show off the best the graphics can possibly look.

Still, these videos are another glimpse at the new Devil May Cry for gamers who haven't had the chance to play the demo yet. Also, the more modern, punk aesthetic Capcom is going for is easily seen in the art design of these early stages.

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