Ubuntu Unity - Credit Linux for Everyone
Ubuntu’s Canonical Throws Its Weight Behind the Unity Desktop…Again

Canonical has announced Ubuntu Unity will once again be an official flavor of the venerable Linux distribution (distro).

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Debian May Change How It Handles Non-Free Firmware

Debian is currently investigating the possibility of changing how it handles non-free firmware, moving the discussion to a general resolution process.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
What’s In a Name? Linux Kernel 6.0 RC-1 Is Here

Linus Torvalds has announced the first release candidate for version 6.0 of the Linux kernel, but it’s not much different than the current 5.19.

Software Development - Image by Innova Labs
Corporate Code Theft From Indie Developers Likely Widespread

Patrick Wardle has a problem — his code keeps turning up in commercial software projects without his permission.

GitLab Reverses Decision to Delete Dormant Projects

GitLab has reversed a pending decision to delete dormant projects from free accounts after significant and predictable backlash.

GitLab Will Remove Dormant Projects From Free Accounts

GitLab is preparing to auto-delete dormant projects from free accounts in what is being billed as a major cost-saving measure.

Linus Torvalds - Credit The Linux Foundation
Linus Torvalds Is Using an M2 MacBook Air

Linus Torvalds is using an M2 MacBook Air, using the machine to push out the latest Linux kernel 5.19.

Latte Dock
Latte Dock Developer Steps Away From Popular KDE Project

Fans of the popular KDE panel Latte Dock are in for a disappointment, with the developer announcing he will no longer be maintaining the project.

Computer Chip - Image by Gerd Altmann
Skilled Labor: The Next Supply Chain Issue for Chipmakers

The last two years have been difficult for the semiconductor industry, but chipmakers are facing one of their biggest challenges yet: a skilled labor shortage.

Linux Distro Reviews: Desktop Environment Toolkits

In the second article of the series, we’re going to take a detour into desktop environments (DEs) toolkits.

Microsoft Windows
Windows 12 Expected in 2024 as Microsoft Moves to New Development Cycle

Anyone hoping for Windows 12 in the near future may be in for a disappointment, with a new report suggesting Microsoft is moving to a three-year development cycle.

AWS Cloud Computing
AWS Is Becoming a Better Open-Source Player

AWS is beginning to earn a reputation for being a better open-source player as the company looks to address its customers’ needs.

Software Development - Image by Innova Labs
Microsoft Denies It Is Banning Commercial Open-Source Apps, Many Remain Unconvinced

Microsoft has clarified its stance on open-source software (OSS), saying it is not banning commercial OSS apps from the Microsoft Store.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Linux Distro Reviews: Intro

This series of articles will review some of the most popular Linux distributions (distros) with an eye to everyday desktop use.

Data Silos Are Wasting Developers’ Time and Costing Companies Money

Developers are wasting a significant amount of time as a result of data silos and trying to find the information they need.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Rust Could Be Included in the Linux Kernel in 5.20

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has said Rust could be included in the Linux kernel as soon as 5.20.

Programming - Image by StockSnap
AWS Launches CodeWhisperer, a Machine Learning Programming Companion

Amazon has launched a preview of CodeWhisperer, a programming companion that uses machine learning to assist development.

Sunsetting Atom
GitHub Is ‘Sunsetting’ Atom in Favor of Microsoft VS Code

GitHub has announced it is “sunsetting,” aka killing off, its popular Atom text editor with a view to replacing it with Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

Windows 11
Microsoft May have Cut Russia Off From Windows Downloads

Amid ongoing sanctions on Russia, it appears Microsoft may have cut users off from Windows 10 and Windows 11 downloads.

SSD - Image by Manseok Kim
Microsoft Wants the Industry to Transition Exclusively to SSD Boot Drives by 2023

According to a new report, Microsoft wants manufacturers to ditch traditional boot hard drives, in favor of SSDs, by 2023.