Detroit Lions Lose Again, Possibly Out Of The Playoffs


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As any fan of the NFL knows, the Detroit Lions have struggled a lot as a team. They seem to have finally rebounded, and are continuing to improve with the help of their star players, but it does not seem to be enough to help them.

The Lions were in charge of the NFC North earlier in this season, and if there was ever a year for them to win the division it would be this year.

The rest of the division has been disappointing all year, and while the Vikings have been out of the mix for much of the season, the Bears have been without Jay Cutler, and the Packers have been without Aaron Rodgers.

The Detroit Lions will often have control of a game, and then seem to find a way to turn the ball over multiple times, and let their opponents back in the game.

The team that embarrassed the Lions most recently was the Baltimore Ravens, who defeated them last night on the big stage during a huge game of Monday Night Football for both teams.

Last week, they fell victim to the Eagles, who somehow found a way to score 34 points and win even during a huge snowstorm.

Matthew Stafford, who threw two interceptions on 3rd and short, and a total of 3 in the game, admitted the obvious when saying "I didn’t play my best game by any means."

Both teams needed the win in order to remain active in the hunt for the playoffs, although the Lions have been slipping in the rankings more than anyone recently.

The Lions had a record of 6-3 going into games against the Bucaneers and Steelers, which were two of the worst teams at the time, and lost both games. They have also lost four of their last five games since having the 5-3 record, and are now 7-7, with their hopes of making the playoffs falling apart, and no longer have the opportunity to control their own destiny.

The Detroit Lions are led by two of the top players in the league in Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, but for whatever reason, they simply are not able to win on the big stage, and when the pressure is mounting. T

They had a chance to prove themselves last night against the Ravens, and while their defense came up big, not allowing any touchdowns, the Ravens capitalized with their kicker, using six field goals to win the game 18-15.

In their last two remaining games of the season, the Lions play the Giants and the Vikings. These should be easy games to win if they play like they did against some teams, but while they no longer control their own destiny, they need the Bears and Packers to lose as well.


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