DeSean Jackson Surrounded by Rumors: Eagle or Not?

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DeSean Jackson, wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been the subject of countless rumors involving a possible trade. There appears to be no answer to the question of whether he will be an Eagle in the 2014 season.

Whoever secures the trade may have to pay top dollar. Jackson is currently the number seven paid wide receiver in the National Football League. According to, Jackson is currently paid 9.7 million dollars per season. In 2013, the NFL states the player had his best season yet, with a total of 1,332 yards.

Yesterday morning, sports reporter Les Bowen tweeted that Coach Chip Kelly sent a re-assuring message to Jackson...

...which was then completely contradicted after Bowen was told by a source that what he tweeted was not true. Jackson has tried to get an answer from Kelly. But Kelly has been too occupied with free agency to respond.

Other players seem to be in the camp of keeping Jackson around. Philadelphia linebacker Mychal Kendricks told Around the League "I want him to stay. I want him to be on our team. Deep threat. One of the most elusive guys in the league. I'd rather play with him instead of against him."

The Morning Call quoted that a source close to Jackson said "There is no way he's an Eagle this year. However it leaked out, it leaked out, and now this is what you have."

Ian Rapoport of NFL's Rap Sheet had this tweet to offer:

Neither Jackson nor the Eagles have made any comment on the rumors. Although, Jackson's Twitter feed is filled with inspirational Instagram photos. It can be easy to draw comparisons to the storm of speculation surrounding the football player to his messages of vague motivation:

Loyalty to the Eagles?

Or are they just a crowd in a wrong direction?

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