Derek Hough Talks Nashville And Hayden Panettiere

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Derek Hough says that he feels very protective of pregnant women and was very careful when working with Hayden Panettiere on the ABC series Nashville.

"I get really protective over pregnant women! I'm like walking around her with my arms out like, 'are you okay?!'" he told Us after the live DWTS show on Monday, Sept. 29. "But she's still working, she's still rocking it! She looks great. She's amazing. I love her."

Derek joined the show to play character Noah West and will be appearing in several episodes. He announced the news on Twitter and has described his character as "a beguiling and disarming movie star" who will cross paths with the players of Nashville's music realm.

Hough has been working closely with Hayden and said that his character has a bit of a crush on Hayden's character and that he is trying to get between her and the other men in her life who adore her.

The storyline plays out in the form of a love triangle that will have Hayden's character deciding between the different men in her life. Hough didn't say who she chooses, but he did share a little information about plot.

"Let's just say that there's some drama there, a triangle of sorts," he told Us. "Hayden might fall into my arms somehow in a dramatic way. Let's just say 'she falls into my arms in a dramatic way" and interpret that any way you want!'"


Last day on set . It's been a blast working with such a talented and welcoming cast. I'll see y'all soon ! #Nashville

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Hough said that he really enjoyed working on the show and that everyone was friendly and welcoming to him.

"Everyone was so kind, so sweet, and Hayden was incredible to work with," he told Us. "The whole cast and crew were so welcoming, they weren't like, 'Who's this guy?' They were really awesome."

Derek is also still working on Dancing With The Stars where his sister is a judge.

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