Denver Broncos Rally To Win, Despite Slow Start

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The Denver Broncos finally lost last week after seeming to be unstoppable, and it seemed as if they were going to face a similar fate this week. Peyton Manning charged in with all his power and led the Broncos to victory, by scoring 38 points in a row in order to beat the Redskins at home.

Although the Broncos lost last week, they started the season off 6-0 with very impressive wins, giving Peyton Manning the best start for any quarterback in the history of the NFL. They have clearly come to win this season, and while some fans may have been fearing for their hopes of doing so during the game yesterday, Manning made sure it happened and completely controlled the end of the game.

This game was also an important one for the Denver Broncos as well as the Redskins since it marked Redskins coach Mike Shanahan's return to Denver, where he spent 14 seasons coaching the team with great success. Even though the Redskins led 21-7, the defense of the Broncos truly stepped up, preventing them from scoring again.

Broncos coach John Fox said of the defensive stance, "I think without a doubt that was our best defensive outing. The Washington Redskins came in here with the No. 4 offense in the National Football League, so I thought [the defense] responded great."

While Peyton Manning and the offense of Denver Broncos have been the story all year, the defense really showed up during this game and completely shut down the Redskins after they put up their 21 points early in the game.

The defense even knocked down Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III 15 times, including one that forced him to leave the game with a knee injury. He gave many fans a scare after leaving in the fourth quarter, when he was replaced by Kirk Cousins, who proceeded to throw two more interceptions.

Despite the impressive start by the Denver Broncos, these last two games have proved that they are capable of at least giving their fans a scare. The Broncos currently have a record of 7-1, due largely to the outstanding play of Manning, and will face off against the San Diego Chargers in week 10.

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