Dennis Rodman Back In North Korea

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You have to wonder, what on earth does Dennis Rodman see in North Korea, a cruel communist country. He can't be going just to appease their love of basketball. What is he doing there?

After all and in typical backward manner - Kim Jong-un, just last week ordered his uncle Jang Song-thaek to be executed by machine gun. And, according to Fox News, he recently sent his deceased Uncle's family to prison camps!

What is the attraction to Kim Jong-un and North Korea for this former NBA Basketball star? Is he just literally, insane?

In a recent article by CBS News titled "Dennis Rodman back in North Korea to visit buddy Kim Jong Un," to try to "help the world." Hu?

Rodman, after arriving at Pyongyang's airport was met by Vice Sports Minister Son Kwang Ho. He made no public comments, but told a mob of reporters earlier at Beijing's airport that he expected, as on previous visits, to meet with Kim and make final arrangements for a Jan. 8 exhibition game in Pyongyang marking the leader's birthday.

"I know (Kim) is waiting for me to come back. So hopefully we will have some conversation about some things that's going to help the world," Rodman said.

When reporters asked Rodman about the execution, he said that had nothing to do with his visit. He said he wasn't worried about his personal safety, despite the recent detentions of two Americans there, one of whom, Kenneth Bae, has been held for more than two years.

Rodman said that he planned to return to North Korea in two weeks with a roster of 12 American basketball players, but offered no names.

"I hope this game brings a lot of countries together, because as I said, sports it is so important to people around the world," Rodman said. "So I hope this is going to engage American people, especially (President Barack) Obama, to just to try to talk to them."

North Korea and Kim Jung-un hold the world's worst human rights record by activists, defectors and the U.S. State Department. Korean defectors have testified loudly - about the government's alleged random killings, rapes, beatings and prison camps with as many as 120,000 people who are suspected opponents of Kim, the third generation of his family to rule.

Go figure.

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